Brisbane-via-Perth rapper GAMIREZ is an artist pushing the rap scene forward into new directions.

In his rhymes, he incorporates lyrics and themes from his upbringing — born in Uganda to South Sudanese parents – mixing this with an in-your-face, abrash energy that’s almost unmatched in Australian rap music. His latest single, Guarantee, is an example of this, with long-time friend and collaborator Figuero Jones whipping together a dark and twisted production for Gamirez to flow over the top of, with lyrics on breaking out, working hard and keeping motivation levels sky high adding to the single’s dark, yet somewhat uplifting feeling.

“It’s an uplifting song to motivate myself to keep my head up and work towards securing the future I want, dreaming beyond the dead-end job I’m currently working,” he says on the single. “I came from a place where life is not promised, I’ve always strived to achieve more than the average person and this song is a reflection of where I am and where I aspire to be.”